Do You Believe In Ghosts?

dust devil movie barabba download So….answer the question already? Do you believe in ghosts? Are you someone who watches ghost stories and believe that there are spirits of people who have died but still have some unfinished business left in this world. And this unfinished business is what keeps them bound to this plane of existence and doesn’t let them leave it and go on to the light, where all souls go after their earthly life is over! Well, if you believe that…..!

I don’t believe in ghosts. Or vampires, werewolves, demons, spirits, demons and all such friendly creatures. I love reading about them, watching movies & tv series about them and even doing research about them but I still don’t believe in them. I’m an atheist and we don’t believe in that kind of stuff. But I’m still fascinated with them.

I’ll post here about the latest ghost story to have come up here and you can decide for youself if it’s true or not. So look for it.

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