Do You Ever Lie About Your Age?

Why would I want to lie about my age? I’m not a woman!

(waits for death threats from female readers to subside)

Ok now, let’s cut down the caffeine. No, I don’t lie about my age, atleast not anymore. People have thought that I am younger than my actual age. I was flattered to note that people at work thought, on my 34th birthday this August, that I was 27-29! Wow, with my out of shape body and big belly? Thanks but I’m not that young.

So I don’t lie about my age, unless you count a few harmless chat sessions on MiRC channels! Yes dear Pakistanis, I was the 21 year old nubile Indian hottie who had the hots for you and who ‘almost came’ with a few strokes of your keyboard! And was also getting her passport ready to come and meet you in Lahore! Lol, a few friends of mine and I had some fun with the chat program here and there.

But other than that I have never lied about my age. I guess it’s a sad thing, this passing of time but its inevitable that we all grow old and will die out one day. So why the fuck bother? I’m 34 and damn proud of it!

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