Do You Need To De-Clutter Your Life?

Do You Need to De-Clutter Your Life?

I think so and not as much as I needed to earlier, like a 3 to 4 years ago. At that time I had a bunch of stuff lying around or stored in cupboards and shelves that I did not need. I had to get rid of several old books, magazines and other stuff. I also had lots of cds that I could get rid off as I had ripped all of the songs into mp3s and saved them on my hard disk and backed them up on two external hard drives as well.

I also had a surplus of old batteries and stuff. Now, I had a computer chair in one corner with a bunch of stuff like old books and shit that is just collecting dust and lying there. I need to get rid of it and see what I need to save from the stuff lying on it. My inbuilt cupboard could also use a cleaning and seeing what I can get rid off. I had some dvds in there that are cheap knockoffs so I could get rid of them and upgrade the ones that I want.

Not much else. The area underneath my bed could some good cleaning up. I see dust bunnies under there. And that’s about it. Oh yeah, in the spare/common room I have a bunch of old clothes, mostly shirts that I can no longer fit into or that are too old that I need to get rid off. Other than that, not much else.

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