Do You Remember The Very First Music Video That You Ever Watched On MTV?

Do you remember the very first music video that you ever watched on MTV? I do. Cable came to India back in 1992. I was in the 10th standard and still around 15 years old (I turned 16 that same year) and the previous year we had heard the news that India was finally getting cable. It was supposed to start with 4 channels and then expanding a year or so later.

Before that in 1991 we had this big annual event called BuildExpo, where in one large ground, numerous companies would have stalls and give talks and demos of their new proucts and services. And ofcourse there were many food stalls. My cousins and I were walking around and sampling some of the food when we were heard loud music playing. We walked towards this large stall with multiple screens – yes CABLE TV! And they were playing MTV which for most of us was much talked about but never had we seen it.

And as we reached the screens, the song playing was …..”Wind Of Change” by Scorpions. I was amazed and I loved the song and the video. We talked to the people who told us about the upcoming launch of Cable tv in the state and we were told when we could expect it and how much we would have to pay. I was obsessed with MTV and then Channel V for ages.

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