Do You Think People Can Change?

Yes they can. As long as they have other clothes that they can change into and maybe some privacy! Ba dum pum tish!

Ok back to the actual post. Yes & no. Most people can change their attitudes, their way of thinking, their lives, their approach to certain things. It’s an inherent capability in all of us to do so. Some do it better than others cause they see the benefits of making that change and then do accordingly. Others find it tough and can make the changes only after a lot of time & effort and perhaps a sacrifice on their part. But the positive changes are always well worth it and it makes your life and the people around you that much more brighter & happier and even better.

Some of the changes are natural, as we grow and mature and our experiences in life teaches us new things. We just develop these newer, easier, better ways of doing things. Not all changes are positive and progressive. Some people change in the opposite way, devolving so to speak and making their lives and the lives of others that it affects miserable. And that’s just sad. You all know people who used to take the smallest hurdles face on and do it with a smile. Suddenly everything annoys them and they throw a tantrum! That kind of change is not good for you and it should be avoided at all costs. See who you are affecting, other than yourself ofcourse. And if things are bad undo the change or change again. It’s not worth it.

And then there are some people who will just never change. The thorn in the side of society and humanity. They will always be the soul feeding, bottom dwelling, pieces of scum & shit & slime that they have always been. No way that they will even think of being helpful and a decent person. The hell with the rest of us, they just wanna be the same motherhumpers that they have always been. I know a few. The earth would be better off without them bastards.

2 thoughts on “Do You Think People Can Change?

  1. ” As long as they have other clothes that they can change into and maybe some privacy! ” LOLzzz ..
    Its a very difficult task, cnt predict so easily abt peopl’s attitude

  2. I do think it depends on the person. They have to want to change. Some people genuinely make the effort to change while others don’t care.

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