Do You Think You’ve Lived Before?

A lot of people I know believe that they have life before and say that they will be born again. This is one of the basic beliefs in Hindu culture and goes back thousands of years. So people claim that they can even remember part of their previous lives and I believe them! Yeah right! And pigs can fly and a monkey will come out of your ass too!

Imagine if you did have them and you could remember parts of it. Like your spouse from your previous life is also alive here and you meet him/her and sparks fly. It would be funny if you were a guy in your past life and in this one you are a girl. And you meet a guy who in your past life was a woman and your wife! And in this life you fall in love and you get married! What a hoot! Now who wears the pants in this relationship! And when you have an argument you sometimes get confused…..”Wait a minute, am I answering a point for an argument in this life or the previous one?”

You know what I think happened in a previous life of mine?

In my previous life  I was a young prince, just around the time that the British Raj was established in India. I was popular and next in line to rule the small kingdom, one of many in the land. I defined the British and they mostly kept away because they were afraid of my army. And once when I went riding on my horse, I saw a beautiful young English lass, going along in a carriage. I fell in love and I pursued her. She was the only daughter of the British General in charge of the Raj in this part of India. I courted her and made her fall in love with me. The general found out and he was mad. “My daughter marry an Indian prince! Never!!!!” And he sent his soldiers to kill me. We fought and I almost escape but there were too many soldiers to fend off. As a sword  thrust it’s shiny steel blade into my heart and the blood poured out, my last word said with my dying breath was the name of the lovely English lass who has stolen my heart!

The end!

5 thoughts on “Do You Think You’ve Lived Before?

  1. LB – maybe you were that English lass in your past life. I’m pretty sure the name of that lady was Banana LOL

  2. I have a very strong affinity with parts of France. When I travelled there in my twenties I felt like I had been there before. I think it’s possible I may have lived there in a previous life but I was nobody important. I was probably just a maid scrubbing the floors

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