Do You Use MS Outlook?

How many of you use Microsoft Outlook for managing your emails outside of the office? What about for managing your personal emails like from gmail, yahoo & hotmail/msn?

I’ve been using Outlook or Outlook Express for office work from 2004 onwards with the brief exception being for my last job who didn’t have their own email setup. That would be the period between March 2011 till July 2012. But strictly only for my office emails. 2004 was the first time I ever used it and I loved the application. I’m now using MS Outlook at my current office and I’m thinking of integrating my gmail & hotmail accounts to Outlook and use it at home. If any of you do use it for your personal emails as well, do you find it better than the actual websites offering the mail facilities?

I find the software easy to use and like setting up alerts, various folders and the tools. It’s the perfect option for office & personal usage.

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