Don’t Say “Fag” When You’re Around Me

A lot of Indians smoke. In my industry it’s almost a given – out of every 10 guys atleast 5 smoke! And I don’t care as long as they don’t blow the smoke in my face or even in my direction. I smoked for a bit from the ages of 19-22 but I can’t stand the damn things ever since.

Many Indians use the word ‘Fag’ for cigarattes! Yes, I am not kidding. Fag! For the past few years, I hear guys saying “I’m dying for a fag. I would love to have a fag right now”. Or worse “Would you like to join me for a fag?” Get away from me!

All around my office, I hear some idiot saying “I’m going for a fag”. My response is usually “dude, don’t have sex in the office premises”!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Say “Fag” When You’re Around Me

  1. That’s a very British thing. They say it here too. When my husband used to smoke, because I used to make him smoke outside he would always say :’ I’m going out for a fag.’ Doesn’t sound so great really, does it??

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