Don’t Stare, Fuckface

As it is yesterday evening I was in a foul mood. And when I’m in a foul mood I’m not usually the nice guy that I think I usually am. Or whatever.

Around 6:30 pm I went down and across the road to the little store where I usually buy provisions from. I was standing there waiting my turn and this fucking stupid looking kid of about 19-20 comes along. From his accent I can make out that he is Tamilian. Skinny bastard in shorts and a dumb open mouth look to his face. I order my items : jar of oats, bananas, sugar & some other stuff and ask the shop owner the cost. He calculates it and then gets a bag to put the stuff in.

All this while stupid fuck next to me is staring at me. He then picks up the jar of oats that I had bought, turns it around & reads the label. Then he looks at my feet and continues staring. I wonder what is this prick’s problem. Then I take out my wallet and count out the money – the fucker is now staring at my money! I give him a “fuck you asshole” look and stare him down. Bastard then looks away and can’t look back at me.

I paid for my stuff and gave him another dirty look, which he didn’t have the balls to return, and went back home.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stare, Fuckface”

  1. If he hadn’t kept it back, with the way my mood was, he would have to have a double helping of knuckle-sandwiches! Served with pleasure by me.

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