Donut Crumbs in Your Eyes

Who isn’t excited & waiting in anticipation for the new & very first Simpsons movie? I sure am and by the looks of it most of the people whose blogs I read and who I have spoken to are feeling the same. There are a few skeptics, who say that the yellow fellows are meant only for tv and that the big screen will not suit their brand of humour. I have read about a few guys who say that the Simpsons haven’t been interesting or funny since 2001! Seriously dude, what do you think is funny? Paris Hilton’s various stupid escapades?

I can’t imagine tv without Homer’s dumb antics, El-Barto’s mischievous laugh & quick wit (Eat My Shorts), Lisa’s brainy comments, Marge’s maternal concerns & Maggie’s….er cuteness and (quickly insert the sounds of a pacifier being sucked here)!

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