Door Open = Can’t Sleep

Something weird about me when I sleep. Even when I’m alone in this small 3 bedroom apartment, I have to lock my bedroom door before I can go to sleep. I just can’t close my eyes and fall asleep if the door is open. Even if I’m dead tired or drunk, I have to get up and lock the door before it’s ‘safe’ for me to sleep.

Now you are probably wondering just why is it that I do that. Blame it on my love for horror movies! If there’s no light beyong my room, I keep imagining that a creature like a zombie or a vampire is about to rush in and attack me. There’s no doubt about it, I’m pretty sure that there’s one hiding in the dark and waiting to ambush me. When I get up to go the loo, which is outside of my room, they are polite and will wait but once I am in my room, their ready to attack.

The zombies & scray creatures from the movies have been replaced by some others from my love of sci-fi. Instead, I imagine that I’m going to be attacked by a Borg (Star Trek) or a Reaver (Firefly) and more recently a Wraith (Stargate: Atlantis) is going to pounce on me. They travelled, all the way through space and time just to get to me.

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