Drawing A Blank

When was the last time your walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

All the time. I mean, I am not the smartest at comebacks but sometimes I draw a blank and leave the argument or discussion or even just a simple conversation and a while later it hits me – “Man, I could have said this and it totally would have been a mic drop moment”! Or a “ba dum pum tish”!

There are some incidents when I get the perfect reply back, even if I do think that sometimes what I say can be a bit harsh or inappropriate for the situation, but it can kill. And I love when that happens and I don’t care if it isn’t too politically correct. But a lot of times I go back and a cup of coffee later I feel “Damn, what I should have said is actually this!”

I am reminded of a situation when a GM asked me about money as in “in money the only thing and what about loyalty to the company” when it came to people resigning from that employers because of lack of pay when compared to other companies and I said a very detailed reason by reason case of why people choose to leave. What I should have said is “lady, we work for money! If you want loyalty, get a dog!”

Ba dum pum tish!

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3 thoughts on “Drawing A Blank”

  1. I used to be a manager for a company that repeatedly told the managers that money was low on the totem pole of motivations for employee performance. My gut always said “Bulls—!” But my inner good girl won out every time. I wanted to believe it, because that would make my unit’s bottom line better. But I repeatedly lost employees, no matter how well I treated them in other ways in my attempt to stimulate loyalty, because they could be paid more elsewhere. That was thirty years ago. I never did come up with a good comeback that wouldn’t have gotten me canned!

  2. I had and still have a great relationship with the team that reported to me. Some of them, 5 years after they stopped reporting to me, will still call me for opinions on things like personal or professional matters. Yet when they were getting so much more less than the industry standard for their posts, and when they got the chance to get a better paying job in another company, nothing could stop them. Hell it wouldn’t stop me either.

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