Dream Selling Shop!

As I would leave the office later than usual today, and since there were no private buses at the time, I signed up for the company cab service that starts at 9:30 pm. Well actually it was 9:50 pm when we left the office. There were just 3 other people in the cab – 2 who were being dropped in Elamakkara and the last fellow would be dropped in Vaduthala after I was dropped off at my place in Kacheripaddy.

On the way from Elamakkara we passed Pachalam. There near the railway cross, while we stopped for the passing train, I spotted this shop called ‘Cell Dreams’ next to us. It looked all pretty & fancy from one angle but the inside was just a room with a small section inside that substituted for a workshop. The boards that they have advertising their offers & wares of handsets & connections were on plain carboard written by colour markers.

Not very appealing at all – but here is the killed! The huge neon board that they have hanging above the shop entrance claims that they are the ‘Dream Selling Shop! What the hell is a dream selling shop! Someone enlighten me please!

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