Dream Vacation

Where would you go on your perfect dream vacation

I would have to say that for the past 22 years or so it has been Canada. Now if you want me to be specific and choose an city/town / area or region/province it might be harder for me to say so. And that’s because I have so many places in Canada that I want to visit and see for myself. My love affair with Canada started in the late 90s just as I was turning 20 and started to see more documentaries, travel programs and read about places.

Then came the internet and I started to see images from these places and also finding out that several beautiful locations shot in some movies are actually shot in Canada. From BC to Newfoundland the 10 provinces are amazing places and each have their to go destinations that I find that I want to see. Even the territories with their harsh winters and scarce populations have things we need to see. There was a tv show set in Yellowknife which looks beautiful and a new destination hit me up.

If had to pick only one city in Canada, it might just have to be…….ugh, this is hard…..Montreal as it is just so unique with it’s mix of old world European architecture, French influence and North American modernness. It’s an amazing place. Second might be Vancouver. And on and on. But yeah, city would have to be Montreal.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF JANUARY WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

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