Drinking Beer With Anil & Madhu

I was planning on going to Velocity Bar near the High Court junction last night. I thought I’d have a couple of drinks and a bit of a snack before heading for home. But that plan had changed when Anil called me up in the evening and said that both he & Madhu would be free today and let’s meet up for some chatting and drinking. I was game.

We met at the Barista Cafe in Bay Pride Mall at around noon. They both had been there for a while and when I had arrived, they were settled in one of the couches in a relaxed state. I quickly ordered a frappe and joined them as we talked about stuff. Anil showed off his gorgeous 8GB ipod. I handed over a dvd of mp3s that I had promised to give him.

Soon we took off to Velocity Bar after initially thinking about going to Sea Shells instead. We sat near the large screen tv and ordered beer, peanuts, chilly fish, fried prawns, chilly gobi & a green salad. I had Foster’s (for the first time) and they had Kingfisher Premium.

They were playing a dvd of Michael Jackson videos on the large screen (since they don’t have cable) and we watched it as we discussed about life, marriage and other usual fare. After a beer, I did a moonwalk of my own (total rubbish, I can’t dance to save my fat ass) much to Anil’s & Madhu’s pleasure. The beer got to my head and I’m still having a pounding in my brain because of it.

For lunch we had chappathis, a little rice, chicken masala & fish masala. The food was good but 200 bucks for a fucking half plate of chilly fish? What is the fish, shark? We were there for a little over 4 hours and I was back home by 4 pm and sleeping off the beers.

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