Drinking With Madhu & Anil

After the week that I’ve had it’s only fair that I enjoy myself on Saturday night with my two best friends. A couple of days back Anil had called me to finalize on our plans for the evening. It had been way too long since the last meeting between Anil, Madhu & myself. We plan and plan but something or the other always comes up and either one of us is unable to come that evening. But a few weeks is way too long between best friends meeting each other and when they had suggested this evening I was sure that I would make it.

So post work the three of us made plans to meet up somewhere. Kakkanad and a bar over there was discussed but the distance was too much of an issue. So we kept thinking about meeting up somewhere in the city itself and we discussed about possibilities on a 3 way conference call. Finally the roof top garden at Mercy Estate in Ravipuram was decided upon and we agreed to meet there around 7:00 or so. I had to work uptil 6:15 pm and then made my way to the city. A little traffic jam at a couple places meant that I got delayed by about 30 minutes and reached the bar at about 7:30 pm. I took the elevator to the 5th floor roof top garden bar and restaurant and saw that other than Anil & Madhu, the place was empty.

Within a few minutes the place began to fill up just as a Saturday night should be. They had already ordered 2 whiskeys & 2 brandies and 2 vodkas as well as a soda and a 7up. I poured some 7up into my vodka glass and sat back. Dry chilly beef, omelets, salads, chilly beef, finger fingers and sweet corn chicken soup followed. We chatted a lot and laughed a bit and swore against the assholes in our office who make our lives miserable for us. We made rude comments and stories about the semi-nude statue in the premises. We tried having chappaty and chicken roast at the end but we were quite full. However, not too full for desert and we ordered ice creams. Then we  came down after paying our expensive dinner and while Madhu went on his bike, Anil and I got into an auto. After dropping him at the bus stop, as he was heading for Thrissur, I came home.

I’m feeling a lot more relaxed but tired and sleepy so I might just go to sleep now.

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