Drinks & Tandoor Chicken With Anil

Anil and I made plans to meet this evening for a few drinks and dinner. We plan to have a similar meeting every month if possible. Anyways, we met for drinks at Couchyn this evening, made an early evening of it, and sat back on one of their lounge couches. We ordered a brandy and a vodka each before moving onto Kingfisher Ultras. Very poor tasting beer this Ultra. It’s also lighter than the usual stuff we drink here. We chatted for a long time as we relaxed there.

Post that we went to have dinner at Tandoor Restaurant. It’s mostly a family place and I remember going there with my dad, mom, sister and several other relatives many many years ago. I dunno why I haven’t gone there is so long, almost 12 years. I dunno if any f my cousins go there either. Anyway, we chose a table and asked for the menu. The waiter serves us water in this funny shaped glasses. Very cool no?

We ordered tandoor chicken, a full plate which is 4 big pieces and 2 butter naans. What you see on my plate in the pic below is one half of my naan and one of the two pieces of tandoor chicken I ate. Amazingly delicious and well done. I love tandoor styled food. Its not too oily and does not sit too heavy in your belly once you are done. We sipped lime juice and ate our food gratefully.

Once that was done, we left to our respective homes. I am satisfied and full. Good night and sleep tight!

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