Drinks & The Married Man

I hadn’t seen either Madhu or Anil since the former & I attended the latter’s wedding on the 15th of January. Aside from the jokes that Madhu & I were making about Anil needing to send in an application & plead a case for going out with his friends, he has been busy traveling to visit relatives with his new bride in the obligatory role that most newly weds have to play. Last weekend the three of us had made plans to meet up for dinner and drinks but Anil begged off at the last moment and Madhu & I had some fun at his expense. How the mighty bachelor had fallen!

Well former Mr.Free & Single called me up this morning and asked me if I was free today. As I was, I answered in the affirmative and inquired as to when & where and what Madhu was doing. Anil said that he would call him and make the arrangements. I kept the phone thinking that things were looking up. Around 12:30 pm Anil called me back and said that Madhu couldn’t make it but that the two of us should get together for a late lunch and a couple of drinks. I was game and we arranged to meet at Kacheripady junction at 2:30pm. I watched an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise before taking a long shower and getting ready. At 2:30 pm I met Anil and we quickly made our way to Velocity.

Comfortably seated in the front booth, we ordered brandy & vodka and had some pork and chicken 65 for chomping down. We chatted for a couple of hours on the changes in his life after marriage, his plans of renting an apartment in the city (he & his wife are currently commuting from Thrissur to Cochin and back on a daily basis via train), about my plans of settling down (of which there are zero) and of my search for a new job. Since he had already had a little early, only I ate a couple of chappathies with chilly gobi. It was a fun two hours and the time went by quickly but I still got to enjoy myself. After 3 drinks and lunch it was time for Anil to beat a hasty retreat to Thrissur and I slowly made my way home after buying a few things for my home.

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