Drive Angry

Released this year, Drive Angry is a Patrick Lussier directed movie starring Nicholas Cage as John Milton who escapes from hell to rescue his baby granddaughter from the clutches of a satanic cult leader, Jonah King, who not only killed Milton’s daughter but is also panning on sacrificing the baby in 3 days time. He picks up the trail in Oklahoma and recruits a pretty waitress Piper (Amber Heard) who gives him a ride in her car. Milton is also being pursued by The Accountant (William Fichtner), a man with special powers sent by the Devil to retrieve Milton.

What does this movie offer you as a viewer? Not much, unless you like the mindless violence tye of movies with a few nude scenes that show up here and there just for your entertainment and to tickle the fancies of teenage boys who might see this movie. Piper finds her lover having sex with some woman, so she drags the nude woman, right off his dick, and out into the streets. She also decks her with a couple of hits and knockers her out cold – a passing fat man takes out his mobile and snaps a few photos of the naked woman!

So Piper & Milton go on the hunt for King’s party and they stay at a bar/inn where King comes. While waiting for the cult members to arrive, Milton has sex with a woman, without taking his clothes off. The reason, she asks as she bounces up and down, is that he does disrobe before a gun fight. Bam the bad guys come in and Milton shoots and kills most of them…..while stick having the chick attached to his…well you know! How cool is that? Anyway, he moves her this way and that to avoid her getting shot and Piper comes in to kill the last goon.

Well we also find out that Milton, being actually dead, can’t be killed again and bullet wounds get healed quite quickly on him. He also gets some help from an old friend name Webster (David Morse) and then gets into a final shootout with King’s men. The Accountant, who is actually friends with Milton but cannot let him stay away from hell (apparently he is Satan’s accountant) does help him out and finally King and his men are killed and the baby is saved. Piper is asked to take care of the baby and Milton & the Accountant rides back to hell.

I can’t believe that Cage actually acted in this shit movie. Amber Heard is pretty hot but that can’t save this dud. Fichtner does he  best job in this film, he is even funny in some scenes. Action scenes are good, so 4 outta 10.


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