Dumb Song

Why are songs made for special occasions like a sporting event so awful? I like Waving Flag by K’naan but I just can’t stand Waka Waka by Shakira. First of all I can’t stand Shakira. I do not think she is pretty. I do not think that she is sexy! I think her voice when she sings is like a rusted metal pipe being scrapped by sandpaper. Songs for the Olympics, the World Cup and any other such big event where the world is watching – the songs are awful.

Apparently the song is based on a song by Golden Sounds, a band from Cameroon – why not something actually from the country of South Africa – and features a South African group, Freshlyground, backing her up while she shakes her hips & ass – the only talent she seems to possess. It appears Shakira reinterpreted the song without permission of the band, and after legal intervention by the band, an undisclosed deal was struck with Sony Music. “Waka Waka” is Fang language for “do it”.

Shakira – fucka fucka off!

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