Dusty Road

Traveling through M G Road in Cochin is now a big pain in the arse! With the Kochi Metro Railway work being done most parts of the road (in the commercial part of the city and downtown core) has these huge blocks of building stuff right smack down in the center making both sides of the road, which were not that big to begin, with quite smaller. So now where 2 or even 3 lanes if you have smaller vehicles or two-wheelers used to go, we have just one lane! And that means traffic jams and longer commuting times.

Not that it was that easy to go by the road earlier, before this work began. But now it’s dusty as hell on top of it. I just walked for less than 10 minutes near Padma Junction and I was sneezing and coughing as I breathed in a kilo of dust. The auto drivers have it bad and when I rode in one today, the driver was saying that most of the have coughs and colds that refuse to die down for the past few months. Some of them are wearing air filter masks to protect themselves for just this long commercial road of ours. If I found it hard just this day, imagine their plight driving people around the city area a few times a day, every day for the last few months and going forward – who knows when the metro work is going to be completed?

The things we must endure for progress!

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