Dylan’s Birthday Rings Out In Shillong

Yesterday was Bob Dylan’s 68th birthday. And although he was a long way from the city of Shillong, in the small Indian state of Meghalaya, the fanfare & celebration were strong. For the past 38 years, the city has celebrated the birthday of the philosopher-musician legend. Hundreds of his fans poured into a sports club and enjoyed the musical performances of Dylan’s songs covered by local artists, with school students & out of state performers joining in as well. Shillong’s own Lou Majaw, singer / guitarist of Meghalaya  band The Great Society, initiated the birthday celebration back in 1972.

Majaw, 63, has used Dylan’s songs as an inspiration and his idea was to spread the works of Dylan as much as he can. A North-East Indian music legend in his own right, Majaw’s initial 1972 Dylan birthday bash was in front of just 30-40 people. Now it’s almost an entire city with a healthy dose of outsiders as well.

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