Early Bird, Or Night Owl?

Early bird, or night owl?

I hate getting up early in the morning. Some days I jut can’t sleep or go back to sleep and I wake up at 4 or 5am but usually I hate getting up early. I’d hate a job where I’d have to get to the office before 9am. I have done it on occasion but each time since I know it’s only for a few days I was ok with it. Back in 2005 I remember doing a 6am to 3pm shift for 7 days at a stretch but each day I left much after 3pm because it felt way too early for the working day to be done. While others who have done the 6am-3pm shift used to admonish me for staying back I just found it odd that quitting time was at 3pm under the hot afternoon sun. Similarly I hate that waking time should be 5am or 6am before the sun is shining out there in the sky properly.

So these days, other than for a week or two when I did an 8 or 8:30 am start at the office, I usually don’t wake up earlier than 7am. This is a perfect time. 7:30 am would be excellent but 7 am is perfectly fine to wake up daily. This doesn’t mean it’s the same for Sundays or any holidays. Oh no, on those days waking up before 8am is sacrilege. But otherwise 7am is good enough. I can’t complain on that. So what about nights? I can stay up much more longer than I can wake up early. Working late is fine, staying up at home and doing stuff or just watching movies is also fine late into the night.

However ideally I would like to knock off from work by 6pm or atleast by 7pm cause I like my evenings to be free. For doing stuff that is not work related. So if that means that I have to start work at an early hour just to make my evenings free, I would take it.

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