Eid Dinner Last Weekend

I was invited to go to the home of my ex-team member Ajeeba ‘s house for an Eid dinner last Friday. The rest of my team were also invited but we had to change the date to Saturday evening due to clashing activities. However Firdous & Rajeesh couldn’t attend for different reasons, the first to do with work and the second due to a family commitment. But the rest of the team really wanted to go and I said that I would join them.

When I look back on it, Friday would have been a more apt day since everyone was free from work but somehow it just didn’t happen. Plus Friday, being the day that Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated, is meant for the families and then it would have been more crowded. We would have been in the way and thus Saturday was preferred. So post work at 6pm Anusha, Wasim, Rekha, Roopa & I left the office and boarded a bus headed for Lissie junction. We reached at 6:45 pm and walked to her house and was greeted at the end of the road by Ajeeba & Vidya – a former colleague who had left the company back in May 2008. We see her once every few months and it’s always nice to see her as she is an adorable, sweet & very nice person to know. We all miss her a lot.

Neil was there too, not much changed from the times he worked in the same office as I and we all went and sat in Ajeeba’s living room with her husband and 4 year old son. We chatted for a while before sitting down for an excellent meal. The best, most succulent & tasty beef cutlets, salad, biriyani rice & chicken curry, washed down with sweet lemonade. I must say that I am a huge fan of Ajeeba’s beef cutlets and can honestly say that they must be among the very best in the world! I had 4 of them delicious cutlets. We talked a lot and enjoyed our host’ hospitality and wonderful food. By 8:30 pm we left their house, the 3 girls in my team having to travel larger distances than Wasim & me. With the girls safely into buses, I took an auto back home and Wasim went his way. We all look forward to seeing our colleague again.

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