Emergency Crisis

“This is an emergency crisis we’re in. The entertainment media is affecting everything on the planet in a very negative way. I’m only interested in rock ‘n’ roll. Rock ‘n’ roll is a music that represents truth. Your TV channel has taken the word “rock” and knocked the “roll” off the end. You made rock this umbrella term for everything. That’s wrong. Shakira isn’t rock. These country artists with fur coats aren’t rock – or country. I offered a video to VH1 of my band playing in the studio and they don’t want to air it because it had musicians playing in it. They want some babe walking on the beach or whatever. I got turned onto this music by watching the Beatles and the Rolling Stones actually on TV playing their guitars. It completely took me over. When you can’t see musicians playing any more, I’m not interested any more.” – Tom Petty To VH1

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Crisis”

  1. I hate how rock has become such a blanket term. It’s so hard to describe to your friends what genre of music you like: “Umm… rock… like country-rock, and some hard-rock…”, lol. But then, a lot of those “country artists in fur coats” are closer to rock than, say, Jimi Hendrix.

  2. Really dude, how are they closer to rock than Jimi Hendrix? I’m not a big Hendrix fan but he is so pure in his music. Do you think Faith Hill is? There is a lot of marketed stuff out there, some are good while some suck. And don’t even get me started on pop, rnb & rap.

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