End Of A 2 Week Training

It’s finally done. Online training isn’t what I want to do since it’s a bit more difficult than face to face training. Strike that, make that much more difficult! It is tiring and I am also having to do 11-12 hours a day due to the situation.

Starting at around 5:30 pm or 6 pm for emails and reports, starting the actual training at 8pm and ending it at 5 am but going to bed only by 6 am since I am also helping the rookie trainer in our team who is also conducting training remotely for a batch who sits in Hyderabad while we are in Kochi. It is tiring and by the time we shut off the system I am ready to collapse. But I usually try to watch a little tv before I fell asleep.

I woke up today at around 1:30 pm and drank a coffee and had lunch by 2:30 pm. I watched some tv show episodes till 5pm. A shave, shower and more coffee with Ketchup flavoured Lays and I started working for 3 hours. Yes on a damn Saturday! Dinner was fried chicken with French fries, garlic sauce and a bun. I had a couple of vodka + Pepsi to wash them down. I will next watch some football and later I will watch a movie.

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