End Of The Year Plans

Have any of you planned out how you are going to spend the Christmas break / New Year’s? I think I can take a 3 day weekend (with the 25th being a Friday and then an off on Saturday & Sunday) so I guess I’m open to suggestions from people who want to meet up.

I’m certainly hoping to get some long hours drinking coffee in a coffeeshop and relaxing with a good novel during this time. Seems like the only way that I can unwind these days. Maybe some drinking with Anil & Madhu could be on the cards but Since Anil is a Christian he will be spending a lot of time with his family during this time. And maybe Madhu might have the usual husband duties of visiting the wife’s relatives during the holidays.

That leaves me with New Year’s – I hope that I get to be part of a party this 31st Dec and not sit at home like I did the last one. Oh wait – that was because my mood was screwed due to an issue at work.

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