Enjoyable & Peaceful Sunday

Enjoying a 2 day weekend for today is supposed to be Islamic New Year. Or so we all thought – I just came to know this morning that the day was changed to tomorrow. I don’t know the reason why and I don’t care since it was marked as a holiday in my company.

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Yesterday, I decided to go out and enjoy a quite read in Barista cafe while I sipped on a Caramel Mocha coffee & ate a chocolate muffin. Only thing is, there was a cricket match on and a bunch of noisy assholes were laughing and commenting on the game. They left immediately on the match ending. Back to some peace and quite and my book. The cold coffee was lovely. I had also tried to get some dvds from Cinema Paradiso but the selection is getting weaker. I wanted some tv series like anything Star Trek but no luck so far.

The day was hot & humid and I sweated while walking in the hot sun. A little later, I made my way over to Oberois to have some lunch and some vodka. They don’t switch on the air conditioner there but instead rely on these giant pedestal fans, whose blades look like airplane propellors! It was so humid that the ice kept melting at the speed of light. I had 3 Smirnoff vodkas & sprite with a chilly chicken & noodles plate. Gotta admit, their mixed noodles dish is the best I have ever had and they have a lot of it as well.

There was a guy in his 50s or early 60s, who was sitting 2 tables away to my left (the one in between was empty). He had had a couple of beers and was sitting right next to one of the giant fans and after a while, when I looked, he had fallen asleep with his right hand still wrapped around his beer mug! It was a funny sight to behold. He slept on for about 40 minutes at least until when he stirred and dragged himself out and paid his bill and went on home.

But yeah, the heat & humidity got to me too. By 4 pm I was back home and trying to watch a movie while lying on my bed but my eyes closed and I soon was snoring away to glory on a 2 hour nap. Ah peaceful day!

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