Enter Nowhere

Enter Nowhere (also known as The Haunting of Black Wood) is a 2011 psychological thriller film directed by Jack Heller and starring Scott Eastwood, Sara Paxton, Katherine Waterston and Shuan Sipos. It’s a 90 minute movie featuring 4 people who are all out of their time periods.

Three people from different decades find themselves suddenly lost with Jody and her dirt bag boyfriend Kevin robbing a convenience store. Jody holds a gun to the cashier demanding he open the safe. Cryptically, he tells her that he will do so but doesn’t believe she can handle what’s inside. Clearly not amused, she shoots and kills him. We then see another woman stumbling through the woods (a bit creepy with bare trees and nothing much else) and finding a cabin. Samantha and her husband Adam are on the way to his parents house to tell them they are expecting a new baby when they run out of gas on a deserted road on a cold night in the middle of the woods. He goes for help leaving her alone to fend for herself. After he doesn’t come back she goes looking for help and she gets lost in the woods. She meets an ax toting Tom who reached the cabin 3 days ago; he too had car trouble and found the cabin after wandering in the woods. Soon they find Jody fainted on the porch; she had a fight with Kevin and he abandoned her on the side of the road.

All three of them are suspicious of each other with Jody getting on the other two’s nerves. They soon become frantic over their inability to leave. They even venture into the woods to escape only to return to the cabin no matter which direction they take, they always end up back there. Tom leaves the cabin to try to find help. Samantha and Jody start to talk and quickly get into an argument of where they are. Samantha thinks she is right outside New Hampshire and Jody thinks she is fifteen miles outside Detroit. Tom returns to the shack to inform the ladies that they are both wrong, he claims they are in South Dakota. They realize that they are all wrong. Each one is plagued with nightmares. The next day they decide to try to walk out of the woods together. They walk and walk through the woods, and find a locked door to an old under ground bunker. They enter it and find old German maps and bottles of old German wine and cans of food and other supplies. Samantha reads the labels as she knows some German; shesays although her German father died before she was born, her mother insisted that she learn to speak his language. Jody and Samantha get to know each other better and realize that both of their fathers died in the war. They take some of the supplies and head back. Tom too says he is an orphan.

The next day the ladies bond and share their stories and then realize that both of them think it is a different decade. While Samantha says the year is 1962, Jody retorts that it’s 1985 (Samantha’s dad died in WW2 while Jody’s died in Vietnam) and when the two of them question Tom he says that they are both wrong and that it’s actually 2011! As the three try to figure out what’s going on they see a figure outside. They go outside to see what’s going on and are greeted by a soldier with a gun. The man, Hans (Shaun Sipos) is a German soldier (who they think is a Nazi but he is not a Nazi). Luckily, Samantha speaks German but is unable to convince Hans. Hans knocks Tom out and ties him up outside, then ties the women up inside. Hans attempts to find out what’s going on but things get hostile as he believes the three are holding back information. He isn’t impressed nor does he believe that the three are confused as to how they got there. Tom is able to get free of his bond and knocks out Hans. A locket that all three of them have makes them realize the situation – they are in some sort of freakish twilight zone and all of them are related.

Hans is Samantha’s father who dies in an allied bombing. She grows up without a father and while she was alone she got sick and with no one there to help her, she gave birth to Jody but died soon after due to complications. Jody ended up in foster care and in bad families and that led to a life of petty crime and murder. She got pregnant and was arrested and gave birth to Tom in prison and she was later given the death penalty. Tom too grew up in foster care and was raped by a priest under who’s care he was supposed to be. All their lives got messed up and they have one chance to fix things. They need to make sure that Hans gets to the bunker before the bombings can kill him. While trying to get Hans to agree Tom & the soldier struggle for the gun and Jody is shot fatally. Tom too is injured and the bombings start. Samantha is able to convince Hans and drags him to the safety of the bunker and, as the bombings continue, she, Jody’s and Tom’s bodies vanish and Hans is left alone. We then switch to the 80s where a now affluent Jody is at the same store and she buys her stuff and goes on home to her mom, an older Samantha who is spreading Hans ashes. Hans survived the bombing in this reality and came to the us, married Samantha’s mother and did well in his life.

As the movie ends another girl with Kevin goes to the same store and holds a gun to the cashier demanding he open the safe. This time too he tells her that he will do so but doesn’t believe she can handle what’s inside. This woman also shoots him as the movie ends. Clearly a different idea and a nice inception of a storyline that’s party scifi and part supernatural. No explanation as to how this came about but that adds to the whole mystery. It’s an odd little movie and clearly low budget but still is worth a watch. I give it a 7 outta 10!

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  1. I really loved the movie. But I wonder that since Jodie is no longer Kevin’s GF in the new timeline, Tom will not be born at all.

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