Entry Door Choices

What type of material is best suited for your entry doors? Wood, fiberglass, steel or solid glass—there are a variety of options to suit your preference, your style and your budget when it comes to choosing an exterior door. The number of styles and options leave much to your personal taste, but you can narrow down the material choices for exterior doors into four main categories: wood, fiberglass, steel and glass.

When it comes to doors and the materials used for them, wood is the defacto most popular ones because it is traditional, looks aesthetically pleasing and most people seem to prefer the flexibility of wood in size, shape and style. A fiberglass entry door can be stained in a variety of colors to give you the same beautiful look of traditional wood. They can also be ordered in numerous hues or painted in any color of your choice. As noted, they are more durable than traditional wooden doors and generally stand up against small dents and nicks. If you pick a steel front door, you are potentially choosing one of the safest options in terms of intrusions. Metal entry doors have insulated foam with a steel panel on either side. However if they do get dented it can be hard to repair and will likely not pop out of the material. This may result in the need to replace the entire steel entry door.

And then we come to glass entry doors. Pros of a solid glass entry door is the view you have of the outside and the amount of sunlight you get in. The risk is that strangers standing outside your home can also peep in and this maybe be unsettling if you are alone at home or if you have small kids. Alternatively, choose a wood, fiberglass or steel door that has the option to install glass sidelights which can make it look really beautiful. Some people even go for aluminum or vinyl doors.

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