Essential Star Trek : TOS

For those of you still ignorant about the magnificence, brilliance & wonderfulness of Star Trek – what the fuck is your problem?

Sorry! For those of you who haven’t experienced Star Trek : The Original Series (once again, I pity you fools and want to bitch-slap you) , I suggest you either buy the DVDs of the 3 seasons or try to download them from the net or if you happen to have a cable channel that, wisely, has them on regular reruns, opt for it and sit to watch them. For the 60s this was a great show. For the 21st century, it still is great to watch.

A fellow Star Trek fanatic and blogger, Daniel Kukla has done a wonderful thing and given us a recommendation of the 7 best episodes of each of the 3 seasons. Actually he is working on the 3rd one and when he has completed it I will update this post. Each episode also has a synopsis and a reason why Daniel finds it an essential episode. Read them and then go watch the series.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

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