Guest Post : Essential Tips For Beard Maintenance

Description: Want to learn secret tricks of professional beard maintenance? Follow these tips to provide your facial hair with the best care.

1. Take care of cleanness

Beard maintenance starts with a regular washing routine. Just like any other type of hair you need to shampoo and condition your beard.

2. Keep it shaped

If you want to be an owner of neat and tidy beard, you have to maintain its shape. You can do it yourself with a trimmer or visit your barber.

3. Avoid dehydration

Conditioner is a great source of moisture that will make your facial hair feel hydrated. Use it regularly to avoid nasty dryness.

4. Say “no” to stress

Stress and negative emotions have a negative impact on hair growth and even cause hair loss. Keep stress to a minimum to avoid bald patches.

5. Eat like a gentleman

You beard has to be fed but not with bread crumbs from your hamburger. Eat carefully and don’t forget to use napkins!

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Guest post by Victoria Howell

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