Evening On A Houseboat

Well this evening was decided to be one spent on a houseboat as we also had a few member of the management team from the Trichy team also visiting us. A houseboat was rented for the evening and we took a scenic boating trip, starting from Marine Drive well after 8pm. The makeshift pier that we had to cross was ricketier than the last one but we all got in safe & sound. I preferred the top section for the wind but I also love the bottom half of the boat as it’s closer to the sea water.

You can’t see much in the night sky but all the lights are captured brilliantly on the sea and it’s especially beautiful when there are different coloured lights all reflecting on the water. The boat was going super slow and hence there’s less of a breeze. I was hoping that the wind might pick up or that we would have a nice evening rain but neither happened. Dancing to stupid Hindi songs also didn’t appease the rain gods!

There was beer, Signature whiskey, soda, Pepsi & 7 up for drinkings. Chips & beef for snacks. Dinner was excellent chicken fried rice (which no one could finish), chilli chicken, chilli fish, pepper chicken & something else whose name I missed out. I enjoyed the conversations more than the drinks (which was served in fould smelling glasses) or food. Infact, I only had one drink, since I’m not a whiskey guy and then switched to pepsi for the rest of the night. We reached the pier, a much more stable and safer one, at around 11:15 pm and I was in my room by 11:35 pm.

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