Evening Out In The Rain With Anil

Saturday nights are meant for having a few drinks and enjoying yourself. That was exactly on my agenda when I left the office and headed towards the city. Despite the heavy traffic jams across the city and the rains I made it to Velocity bar at around 6:50 pm. Just in time to greet my buddy Anil who also was just stepping into the bar. We said hello and shook hands as it had been almost 2 months since our last meeting. We comparing balding heads (hahahaha) and went in to grab the usual booth. We had the usuals – I had Romanov Vodka + sprite while he switched to JDF brandy, as his favourite 8PM wasn’t available, with club soda. We ordered some dragon chicken and podimeen (tiny anchovies) fry. We settled back in our seats and yakked like two old housewives from the country.

We talked about my new job, his new role as a dad and how he & his wife were settling down as new parents. He was shuttling between his home in Thrissur, his mother’s ancestral home in Ernakulam and his wife’s parents house in Aluva. I asked him about nappy changing duties and waking up in the middle of the night as the baby boy cries. Man this is good to discuss. After we were done with drinks we were wondering whether to have dinner there itself or go to have steaks or a biryani each or something else. We remembered that there was a Trivandrum Chicken Corner right next to the bar and thought we’d go there and have some.

Trivandrum Chicken Corner is a specialty style restaurant where they mostly serve dry fried chicken with chappathy or porotta. I haven’t been to one of the outlets in 15-17 years but I remember that my family & relatives used to there once in a while and we all loved the delicious and juicy chicken that they made. They had a few outlets in the state and were popular. And also whenever I got to Couchyn bar near the Grand Hotel, I like ordering their Trivandrum style chicken fry (a similar style) and it is amazing. So Anil and I decided to finish our evening over there, paid our tab at Velocity and went to the next building. we went in and asked for the menu. We ordered a 4 piece plate with 4 chappathies and I also ordered one for my mom to take it to her when I went home.

The waiter came back with some water and complimentary glasses of  lime juice, which went down very well. I rather enjoyed the new look of the hotel, their chairs and tables and the overall decor, which was somewhat modest but still neat looking. And then the food came. Tiny pieces of chicken with the fried powder surrounding it! The four pieces looked like they were from a chicken that was starving to death after a famine! We both looked at the tiny portions and knew that we would need another plate to satisfy ourselves and so ordered another 4 piece without the chappathies. I didn’t bother to take a picture of the chicken as I was so disappointed with them. We both grumbled and complained and didn’t enjoy the dry tasting food either. They had served us bowls of gravy which I told Anil not to touch as it looked to be too spicy and filled with oil.

Disgusted – the food wasn’t that bad but the portions left a lot to be desired after all the high hopes and disappointed we finished our dinner quite quickly. We paid our bill without much of a tip and left the place. We got into an auto and after I got down at my place, Anil went on to his mom’s parents place. Thus ended an evening which was mostly great, started with a bang but ended with a whimper so to say. Never again Trivandrum Chicken Corner, never again!

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  1. They were a bit stingy with the chicken portions, for sure. But glad you got to see Anil again. Overall it sounds like a fun night!

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