Evening Party

I went for a wedding reception last evening. A former colleague of mine has gotten married on Sunday and since the wedding had taken place in the bride’s hometown (somewhere near Pala), his family had held a reception in Cochin for those of their family & friends in the city who could not travel to Pala on Sunday. I didn’t go for the wedding and hence along with 2 other former colleagues, decided to go to the reception, wish the newly weds, have some fun at the party and enjoy the evening.

I showered at 6:30pm and walked to the main road to wait for my friends to come & pick me up in a car. They came, picked me up and we rode onto the venue. The reception was being held at a Church owned hall right behind the house of the groom’s parents and we first arrived at the house, parked the car and went in. We were soon led to the hall where lots of chairs were placed at circular tables to seat 6-8 people each for the dinner. The cold, fruit punch was simply divine and welcome on a hot evening (oh we’ve been having wonderful weather since early January but the last few evenings have been quite warm & sweaty. We stood in one corner joined by 4 other friends and shouted rather than chatted as the music was being played rather loudly. Soon dinner was served.

A huge buffet was placed on 2 large tables that ran the length of the hall. Here’s the menu as much I could remember – chilli pork, chilli chicken, chicken fry, chicken curry, mutton roast, beef fry, beef fry, 2 types of fish dishes, chilli gobi, gobi manchurian, some other veggie dishes, fried rice, chicken noodles, veggie noodles, plain rice, roti & salads! And ofcourse beer and assorted alcoholic drinks with mixes for those of us that do! Just looking at the dishes on the tables made me stagger. Me and my companions waited until the kids had all had their food served and then we went to the buffet. I know that it’s proper that you should try and sample as much of the buffet as you can but I only wanted some noodles, pork and chicken so I took my plate and pointed and the servers heaped chilli pork and chilli chicken onto my plate and then I went to the noodles section. Satisfied that I wouldn’t be hungry for two more days after what was served on my plate, I joined my friends at our table.

Horror of horrors, the meat dishes were salted beyond redemption. I could barely get any taste other than strong salt from the chicken and pork. The same fate fared the mutton and other dishes said my companions, with the exception being the chicken curry & the fish dishes. I pushed aside the meat after some time and ate more noodles, which was delicious by the way. However I even found the beer unable to drink as all I could taste was salt. Have you tried drinking plain macro beer when you have had too much salt in your taste buds – yech! After a while I felt like I needed to remove my tongue and wash it in the sink. But one of my friends had a better idea – let’s skip out, head to Caravan ice cream parlour for some sundaes and wash out the heavy salt taste. Excellent & radical say I – but we waited to be decent, said our goodbyes to the groom & family and then the 7 of us left the hall. Only my 2 car-mates and I went to Caravan, the MG Road branch which is open all night but it was only 9pm, and we ordered big dishes. I had the banana split which was huge and strained my belly once I had devoured it.

By 10pm I crawled into the apartment and changed clothes. Feeling way too full than I should have any right to, I went to sleep while watching a movie.

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