Evening Ruined

That guy that I said who had eloped with a girl he met only 18 days before they got married came back to our office for the first time since late June.

I never wanted to speak again cause he is a lying son of a fish but he still works for our company, only in a different city. And they had promoted him, apparently cause his lying skills are on par with what management wants!

I met my new training batch and I am happy with them as they all seem like decent people and I enjoyed my session with them. This is a new session that I am doing for the very first time but it’s easier than it seems on paper and it’s very interactive and it can be a lot of fun. I hope the remaining 5 days is as much fun or even more than today. The day went by very quickly and I was surprised that I was out of time.

Something weird just happened a little while back. I wish I could understand exactly what happened but it’s just blowing my mind. I can’t believe that this happened but when I think about it, it was bound to happen. I wish I could put it down in words as to exactly what it is but it’s just too complicated. You had to be there! Just ruined my evening.

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