Every Inch Was Still Sacred Ground

It’s been raining cats and dogs for almost 48 hours with some breaks in between. Last night we had thunder and lightning at around 11:30 pm and so I switched off the laptop and unplugged all the wires & cables. I then settled back on the bed with a novel and thought that I’d wait for the lightning to abate. I must have fallen asleep in an hour or so, with all the lights on.

At around 3:30 pm I was rudely jolted away by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Shocked awake, I picked up my phone and noticed the time. Looking at the caller id display on my cell confused me for a second – the call was coming from +401! Oh caller id hidden; is it possible that this is an overseas call? Is someone calling me from abroad and they got the timings confused? I answered the call – it was some idiot in Malapurram. Actually it sounded like it was a bunch of idiots as I could here giggling in the background. The moron who called me asked me some stupid question twice. I answered in the best way possible. I swore at him with as many filthy words as could be possibly used in under 60 seconds and then cut the call. Moron.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get back to sleep at all. It was such a rude, inconsiderate thing to do so I had no qualms about abusing the jerk off the way I did. I tossed and turned under the sheets for an hour and then gave up. I thought that I would get up and watch something. Flight 666 was something that I had recently downloaded and so I watched that – Iron Maiden at 4:30 am! Wow! I loved the documentary on the British metal giants and was energized as hell. By the time the video was done, it was almost 7 am and so I went to brush my teeth.

I did another 11 hour shift at work today & I left the office a little after 9pm. The cab I was in dropped off a girl who stayed in a house quite near our office and then a boy who stayed in a rented house near CUSAT. On the way to my area, we passed by Thrikkakara, my old hometown. I wasn’t expecting to pass by that area at all and was pleasantly surprised and happy to see my old stomping grounds. We also passed my former family house and seeing it left a lump in my throat. I was happy and sad at the same time, nostalgia running wild in my heart. Tears filled my eyes a bit as I noticed all the old familiar landmarks, shops, buildings and houses (I lived there for 19 years). As we made our way to the main road at Edapally, that feeling that this place will always be my hometown rang true through my mind. The lyrics of a song played in my heart..

This used to be our town
There wasn’t a back road we hadn’t been down
This used to be our town
Every inch is still sacred ground
Now I’m driving these streets and her sweet memory
still makes my heart pound
This used to be our town

This Used To Be Our Town – Jason McCoy

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