Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

I dunno why this particular memory came to me in a flashback or sorts. Probably because I was looking at links for online radio stations. That must have been what triggered it. Anyway, when I was about 14-15 (that would be 1990-91) there was a music request show on the one & only radio AM channel here in Kerala.  I can’t remember what the heck was the name of the request show; all I remember is that they had this crappy anchor and their song selection usually sucked!

Anyhow since we had no other options, some of us kids back then used to tune in to the weekly show just to see if we could get any of our requests on the air. And it so happened that for my 15th birthday my cousin Manoj, his sister Sandhya and my sister had mailed in a request (this was the snail mail period, kids) to try and make my dad a very special one. I think it was Manoj who wrote the letter and he had sent in a huge list of some of my favourite rock songs and begged them to play one of this list.

Well the big day came and in the afternoon, pretending not to show their excitement, the three stooges joined me in the living room and turned on the radio. We listened to the DJ toss out request after request (it was an hour show if I do remember correctly) and the three of them were getting desperate as their request was not read out. Sure enough for the last song, along with other dedications, the DJ read out “and the next song goes out to Roshan on his birthday from his sister & cousins”……….

……and the son of a bitch plays “Kung Fu Fighting”! Of all the songs. My cousins & sister groaned and cursed the DJ, while I wondered did they not know me at all to dedicate such a stupid song for me? And that too on my birthday! It was all explained to me by 3 dissappointed people. Anyways, even if they didn’t get the DJ to play me one of my favourite songs, I’ll always remember this incident.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

  1. I remember that!! Oh, and it’s a good song dude – of course, it wasn’t on the list that we had sent them, but at least you were mentioned on the radio for your birthday!!!

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