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I so loved their 2007 effort Who Do You Think You Are (which I had reviewed a few weeks ago), that I just had to get their 2009 followup, Everyone Is Someone. They performed a sold-out show at The Harbourfront Centre’s Enwave Theatre, with special guest appearances by Stuart McLean and Tom Cochrane. In August, Dala were the only Canadian group asked to perform at the 50th Annversary of the legendary Newport Folk Festival in Newport R.I.. They are being mentioned as a duo that no folk-pop/rock fan should miss. If you like melodies, good vocals, smooth harmonies – these gals are the best at it.

The cd starts of with the melancholic Lonely Girl that is haunting & melodic and is about a girl struggling with live and the lessons it has dealt her. Alive is a bit more upbeat with a nice drum beat and states that there are more important things in the world going on and to be glad to be living and live in the moment. Crushed is a tender ballad about the feeling that accompanies loss of a lover.

Levi Blues is a sweet & cute love song about wanting to travel the world but still be with the love of their life. I would say that this is the perfect song for first time listeners  of this duo to get introduced to them. Second single Horses is another ballad about days gone by and lost childhood. Compass follows in the same lines, a quite ballad with just vocals accompanies by acoustic guitar and a bit of keyboards. Northern Lights is probably the best song in the bunch – about simple dreams and wishes.

Face In The Morning is an introspective ballad. The sexy sounding Younger is next and the vocals is breathy and suggestive, while lyrically it’s about the things that makes us feel younger. Finally we have Stand In Awe, a regret about losing the thing that is most important to us. By the end of this song, if you aren’t as madly in love with these two girls (like I am) then – go kill yourself!

These ten songs sound as though they were specifically crafted for soundtrack consideration, and while Dala’s Amanda Walther (the “Da” in “Dala”) and Sheila Carabine (the “La”) must be pleased to have already had their music featured on Canadian shows such as Flash Point and Falcon Beach, with their lush harmonies and haunting melodies one can only imagine an appearance (during a sad-music-montage, of course) on Grey’s Anatomy can’t be too far off down the road!

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