Evil Dead (2013)

I was heavily anticipating this movie ever since I heard the announcement and then saw the trailer. Evil Dead aka Evil Dead 2013 is a reboot of the 1981 movie of the same name. It is the 4th in the movie franchise (after 1987’s Evil Dead II & 1991’s Army Of Darkness) and also a loose continuation of the Evil Dead franchise. Produced by Sam Raimi, who directed the first 3, along with Bruce Campbell (who was the hero of the original 3 movies) and Robert G Tapert and directed by debutant Fede Alvarez. The movie stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas & Elizabeth Blackmore. Of these I only knew luscious Jessica Lucas.

The story line is simple and similar to that of the original in that it is 5 young people in an old rundown cabin in the woods. Why the fuck would you want to stay in a small, dusty, shitty cabin in the woods that has old plumbing, rusty pipes and electricity is bound is go out at any time? Why, why why? In the very beginning of the movie we see a young girl running the woods and is captured and tied up the cellar of this cabin. Upon revealing she is demonically possessed, her father sets her on fire and shoots her dead.This time it’s 2 friends – Olivia & Eric who have dragged their friend Mia to the cabin to help wean her of drugs. Mia’s brother David & his girlfriend Natalie also arrive at the old family cabin which hasn’t been used for many years – or so they think? When they get there they find out that there were some occupants there earlier and they left behind a host of rotting animal corpses, a double-barreled shotgun and a book titled Naturom Demonto, a Sumerian  variation of the Book of the Dead, with some translations scribbled here & there in English. As Eric reads out a passage from the book – despite clear warnings written next to it, the idiot went ahead and read them anyway – which summons a demon that possess Mia while she is out walking in the woods nearby. Why was she allowed to walk in the rain when she is suffering from withdrawal? Anyway the roots & vines near a tree grab her and a filthy, disgusting looking thick black slides up her leg and enters her through her nether regions.

In one of the most annoying way of speaking I have heard – she tried to warn David about the “something” but it is too late. The other 4 think she just wants to get out of there but when she burns herself in boiling hot water, they get scared. The road is flooded so David can’t take her to a hospital, so they are stuck. So possessed Mia starts doing all these crazy things; shoots at David, cuts her own tongue in half and French kisses Natalie and kills the poor dog! Awesome scene by the way! Olivia is possessed next, after a scene in which pee runs round her leg and she cuts off part of her face and then attacks Eric. Eric kills her by using a broken piece of the sink. Next it is Natalie who is possessed, cuts off her own hand and then attacks at Eric with a nail gun and a crowbar. David kills her with the shotgun leaving her bleeding. Attempts to destroy the book are futile, as it describes a prophecy by which a demon named Taker of Souls needs to devour five souls in order to free the Abomination from hell. To achieve this, the demon has taken possession of Mia’s body, and the only ways to release her are to burn her, bury her alive or dismember her. David goes down to the cellar and tranquilizes Mia with Eric’s help but the latter seems to die from his wounds. David buries Mia alive, as he is unable to cut her to pieces – she dies and then he digs her out and shocks her to revive her, free from the possession.

However, back at the cabin a reanimated & possessed Eric attacks David & tells him that the abomination is coming. David hands Mia the care keys and blows up the cabin killing both him and possessed Eric in the process. As Mia grieves her brother’s death, the final part of the prophecy comes true – it begins to rain blood. The Abomination, a demon in the form of the girl, comes out of the ground and goes after Mia. Cutting her hand under David’s jeep Mia then manages to kill the Abomination with a chainsaw she finds in the storage, and its remains sink “back to hell”. The rains stop and day breaks as Mia begins to walk away from the area and unseen to her the book closes itself on the ground. The end!

I hope we get sequels. Awesome blood, gore & scares. It’s good enough for some scary jumps. Most fans of the original will like it but I just wonder a bit since we get nothing new. I also question the cast. Mia is no Ash! Anways, 7.5 for me!

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