Evil Priest Mr. Bean Look-a-like Manipulator

I don’t trust people who are overly religious. And who claim to have the ear of god. I can understand going to a place of worship, following certain traditions and stuff. But letting some book decided every course of action for you? What the fuck is that?

Once again, anyone who is overtly religious is hiding something. Like the true nature. Hindu, Christian, Islam. Every person I know who is overtly religious in these faiths are either frauds, fakes or who use religion as a tool to make a profit. Or who are actually devious, cunning & devilish. Who are pure evil (not the hollywood or comic variety) and I mean who manipulate things to their benefits.

revolutionary road movie Unfortunately, these are also people who are successful in life. It seems their fucking “gods” support them and bless them with riches. Ha ha ha!! Yeah rite! No, it just seems that way. Today I saw the return visit of one such mother fucker. Religious through and through. Lives by the bible. Almost preaches it. Sucks as a human being. Manipulative, devious, cunning sonofabitch if I ever met one. You seen movies in which there’s a villainous priest who is evil through & through and does the devil’s work instead? Well that’s him. Only he looks like Mr. Bean!

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