Excuse Me While I Just Cry

One of my trainers is paid below average. My MIS guy deserves a little bit more than what he is getting. Two of my boys are getting way, way below than what they should be getting; it’s day light robbery if you ask me. The other three senior trainers could also get paid a bit more for their efforts & talents. And then ofcourse there is me; an Assistant Manager underpaid drastically.

Today after such a long time, many roadblocks & hurdles later, I was able to get them something. Not much but it’s still something to show them appreciation for their efforts.  This also happened parrallely for the Quality department; my counterpart in Quality and I had planned this together. So after getting an approval, I was able to hand over Rs.500 worth of gift vouchers to each of my team members that they can use at any one of the Varkey’s supermarket.

I think they were all happy at this gesture. And I was happy that I could do it for them. Then it became too much for me. I’m ashamed to say that I bawled my eyes out for a good 5 minutes. Bah, us sexy men cry…sometimes!

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