Express Yourself!

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

Dance : No thank you. Not only am I overweight I also have 2 left feet. The only thing I excel at in dancing is the “standing in one spot and moving my arms in a circular motion” dance. What? It’s more complicated than it looks!

Sing : Yeah I sing a lot; in the comfort of my bedroom. At my laptop playing music on my mp3 player or on Youtube. I have sung a few times on stage in front of a few people (and they lived to tell the tale) but I haven’t taken lessons or anything. Still music is very important to me and I live for listening to music and to sing along with my favourite songs.

Write: Hello! I’m blogging a lot, am I not? I find it soothing and relaxing and even exciting. I just changed my WordPress theme and, as simple a theme as it is, just the way it looks now makes me excited to write new posts just so I can see how it looks and changed everytime I update it. I only wish I could make a lot of money by writing, like novel and such.

Sculpt : Nope, never tried it out ever. Wish I had taken lessons as a child or even in my early 20s. It’s something that looks like a great talent to have.

Paint/Draw : As a kid I used to draw a lot. Paint not so much, unless you count the colouring I did of my drawings. I used to get big book of blank pages just so that I could draw stuff in them. It occupied me for hours and hours on end. Again, I regret that I never went to classes as a child and I haven’t drawn since I entered my mid teens.

Debate : Mostly online on Facebook but very little of it face to face. I’ve done some of it at school and later on at a few work places, where they make you attend some as part of your training. I enjoy them but usually the topics here are rubbish, repetitive and so cliched that I get bored in 5 minutes.

Always find ways of express yourself, you are unique and you deserve to be noticed for your uniqueness.

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