Extreme Cold Or Extreme Heat

I live in one of the hottest places in the world. South India is a cauldron of heat and it gets hotter due to the humidity. It’s an energy sapping heat that makes you sweat and drain you of internal moisture. And to top it all off, as I have ranted over & over again, we are hairy! Hot as hell and we have lots of body hair. Well, I am not hairy; by most standards I guess I am less than average and I do not have a chest of very thick hair – yuck! I can’t believe that some women actually like men to be hairy and especially men to have a big thick patch of chest hair. If a women wanted me to be like that, honey I’ll shave my chest hair and stick it on you – see how you like it!

Ok I deviate from the topic but you know I have a huge hair hangup. So ok I live in a hot climate. When it rains a lot things get quite cool and I love that weather as long as people and that includes me don’t get sick so often. This monsoon was quite heavy with rain fall and I got sick three times with fever, coughs, cold & flem infection. Ugh don’t want that anymore. So I am used to heat. Now what kind of weather would I think is better; extreme heat or extreme cold?

I think the cold would be better no matter how cold it got if we had plenty of options to warm ourselves up. Like internal heaters that keep our rooms & homes & offices & public places warm & toasty. Plenty of coats & jackets and woolen stuff. Warm underwear. Fireplaces. That kind of stuff. As long as those are ready available to each & every person and we could keep the animals out of the cold too, then I think that we could do with extreme cold weather. Cause you can bare it. It’s better than extreme heat because that is just so wrong. You can just throw all your clothes off and walk around. You just can’t. Sitting in air conditioners all day at work and home. I prefer if it could be extremely cold but with my conditions applied.

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One thought on “Extreme Cold Or Extreme Heat

  1. That humid heat is so debilitating. We get it bad in Sydney in the summer but probably not as bad as you. I hate hairy backs. It’s quite gross. Get that thing waxed, stat!

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