Facing Up To The Bald Truth

Oh damn! There is no two ways to look at it. I am bald! I’ve known it for a while but I always seem to forget it or not accept it at some level. But I can’t deny it anymore or feign ignorance. I am bald. I have hair on my head but there’s a big bald spot on the back of my head and my front hairline is receding badly. I usually like to grow my hair a bit and only cut my hair once every 2.5-3 months and that way my bald spot isn’t very glaringly noticeable. Not after today.

Today after a long gap of 3 months I went to get my hair cut. Unfortunately I have not found a new barber shop or saloon despite my declaration after my last hair cut (please read here) and I had to go to the same place that I have gone to for the last 4 times and with each time a new barber, to whom I have to repeat my instruction on how to cut my hair in the safest way possible to not screw up the baldness terribly.

After today’s hair cut – yes the new guy is terrible and it just feels & looks awful – my balding forehead and top/back of my head is quite prominent. I can’t do much about it so I have to resign myself to the fact that I am bald and will so be completely so, somewhere in my 40s, which is only 2 years and 7 months away. Someday before that I hope to be daring enough to take razor to head and just shave the whole crop off and let it breathe! That – and or perhaps a wig, weave – are the only things I can do!

4 thoughts on “Facing Up To The Bald Truth

  1. Hehe…well thats life…good luck with conserving the endangered species on your head …maybe you can do a GulfGate/Hair weave etc etc,etc if it would resolve the problem or perhaps psychologically help at job interviews??…

    Yeah I had a favourite barber once upon a time, such a perfect cut! for which I used to travel quite a distance and pay slightly above the average rates for …it would reach an almost cult like following in years to come to the extent if the guy wasn’t in the saloon I would buzz off and return back later….it was simply awesome! Circumstances changed for both of us I moved away from the town & in the meantime the saloon he worked closed shop a few years ago..

    Now its been a few years since I have been to barbers & begun sporting the rogue look/buzz cut.. gave away my combs, hardly look in the mirror….it takes quite a bit of time and effort to do it on your own on a regular basis to not miss spots, fuzzy hair, etc…but I use the money saved on barbers on myself

    Yeah I do occasionally get dirty looks from the public suspecting I am a thug, gay or whatever their wild imagine can conjure …The presence of a scar on my head (courtesy: botched up stitches of a doctor) gives wings to their imagination … hehe haha but I couldnt bother… hee hee hahah…*evil grin*…Just got to be careful that the cops don’t round me up as a scapegoat to solve all their unsolved cases (popular mallu joke)! hehe haha… In a similar situation, I would have suggested you to smear some vermillion on your forehead to get the ‘Thirupathi’ look if I hadnt known you were an atheist…hehe haha…

    Anyways till then good luck with your ‘Mamma mia’ moments and your trips to Das “Kapitol”! hehe haha

  2. Endangered species? Et tu brutus? If I lose some weight I will take a razor and do the honours myself and enjoy a nice cold shower after that. No applying anything on my forehead. I might try the sexy bald man look someday.

  3. Aunty!! Please put Rosh on a starvation diet nooowww …..
    let the sexxxy bald man come out of him

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