Facts People Don’t Know About You

Facts people don’t know about you

  • I hurt my head while playing with some childhood friends when I was about 3 years old. I slipped and fell down the stairs and I had to get stitches done. That is my oldest memory, me at the hospital crying and my dad consoling me.
  • Years later, maybe when I was 12, a friend of mine playfully was tossing bricks in our school yard and one of them as a little too high and it landed on my head – on the exact spot and I had to get stitches again!
  • I remember getting locked in – there is a door that led from the living room and the spare room to my parents bedroom, the only bathroom and kitchen in our small apartment. The key broke inside it somehow and it took a while for someone to come in and break the lock.
  • While in school I’ve had my share of crushes 5 in fact and 1 girl as almost 2 years older than me but in the class/grade ahead. The fifth is one of my teachers. I remember 3 of them very fondly.
  • I was also the crush (crusher? crushee?) of two girls. 1 who haven’t seen since 1991 and the other is one of my oldest friends and who I am still friends with, albeit a long gap when we weren’t speaking to each other due to a falling out we had back in 1999, to this day.

I think that’s enough facts for one post. To be continued!

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