Favourite Breakfast Food

Well, I happen to be a minimalist breakfast eater since 2015 since I work late evening shifts and tend to wake up late. Hence I just skip breakfast or keep it down to a single sandwich. My current breakfast of choice, if I wake up by 10 or 10:30 am on a weekday is to toast two large slices of bread and smear some eggless mayo on it. Keeping it light here folks!

My favourite breakfast of all time, and I really don’t need more than that people, is four slices of toast with a two or three egg omelet. Preferably duck’s eggs if I can get them otherwise hen’s eggs will do. Sometimes it’s bulls-eyes or fried eggs (if that’s what you call them) with the toast. That and coffee. Two cups during the morning.

The Full English – well that is something I would love to do but not regularly. I have had versions of the Full English; everything else minus the has browns or mushrooms and definitely without the blood sausage. We just don’t get them here or make them.

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