Fears Come True

download chances are online Before you read this entry you could peek through this one that I wrote about the same person a little over a month ago. I was hoping that this girl finds happiness and can finally put everything behind her. And things were going alright for her and the rest of us had hoped that we had seen the last of her worries. She was quite happy and content and the situation at her new place was getting a lot better. She seemed to have settled into her new life and was enjoying it.

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watch boo online But I didn’t think that everything was all that it was cracked up to be and not as rosy as she wanted us to think. I had heard major rows on the phone and she has voiced her frustration out loud not knowing that I was in hearing distance. I tried to ignore it and hoped that it wasn’t too serious. But my fears were magnified tenfold today when she called me to inform that she wouldn’t be coming to work today and asked me to inform our department in charge. She was crying hysterically and sobbing & gasping while she tried to tell me that she has fallen in the bathroom while getting ready to take a bath and had hurt herself badly. She was sounding so desperate that I was scared and my fear was written on my face. I hoped she was fine and I informed the others.

For a long time after that she kept her cellphone switched off and it was only later in the evening that I was able to speak to her again. She said that she was feeling better and that she would come back to work tomorrow. She said that she got scared since she was along in the new house and therefore she was crying her guts out. I know that something is amiss but I hope she recovers from it in time. We can only offer our shoulders and open our hearts to her, when she needs them.

Song for the day – “She Talks To Angels” – THE BLACK CROWS

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