Federal Bank Issues Sorted Out

Just an update on my account with Federal Bank. Once again I am astonished at the wrong entries that their back end team does. I know that it is outsourced and that it’s mostly very young people handling the data entry at the outsourced center (I had applied for a training manager post at the same center in January of this year) but they have goofed up my application 3 times. And this is why my netbanking and transaction activation took so long.

It seems that they messed up my email id from the form and hence the first delay in activating the netbanking itself. It took them 4 weeks to sort that out. Then as I found out yesterday they entered my voter’s id card number incorrectly and my mother’s maiden name incorrectly as well. Which is why I was not able to activate transaction via netbanking cause I failed in 2 questions that you must entere to activate it.

It took a helpful call center agent who verified all my details and set things right for me. Under her directions I was able to activate my transaction and now have paid off some of my bills online using Federal bank. So finally 2.5 months after my bank account was activated I now have full fledged netbanking too.

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