Feeling Brotherly Love

On Tuesday night we were setting up some of our office systems and we had got some test minutes to make international VOIP calls to countries like the US & Canada. Our client, who was setting it up for us, asked us to make a few call to the US and see how the call clarity was and all that. In his words, he said “call some of your relatives or friends who live in the US and ask them if the call is clear and if they can hear you well”. So I was like ok, I have a couple of relatives in the US and a few friends but I didn’t any of their numbers. Cause I never make international calls.

So I thought I’d email a few people and send them messages in their Facebook account and ask them for their number so I could call them and test out the call quality. I hit a few people and it was my cousin Raakhee, who was at home at that time with her 3 kids, who answered me with her number. I called her up and the clarity was quite good so we ended up chatting, or yakking as I call it, for about 20 minutes until I had to keep and get back to work. It was good to talk to her and as I miss her a lot I did enjoy our conversation. That was during the early hours of Wednesday, around 2:30 am Indian time. Today morning my cousin Manoj sent me a reply to the mail I sent on that day.

Dear Manoj
send me ur number – i need to test call clarity through my system.
And he replied
Roshan, my number is (*** *** ****). If you call during the night I will ignore you then fly to India and kick your @$$ and then fly back and ignore you again! 

Regards ????
I feel the love bro. I so feel the love

2 thoughts on “Feeling Brotherly Love

  1. Well, what can I say? I like to sleep!!
    Besides, everyone needs a good @$$ kicking from their big brother once in a while! Keeps them humble!

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